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Providing leadership analytics to the global private equity industry.

Leadership Analytics represents the next frontier in the private equity investment data industry, and drxDATA is its forefront.

Our uniquely wide-ranging and consistent database means that it represents the gold standard for any Investment Director who requires accuracy and forensic levels of detail.

We have developed a suite of analytical products and services that help our clients fine-tune their investment performance, proficiently identify their opponents and effectively recruit new talent.

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Predictive analytics & data modelling.

In private equity, where the impact of the management team is so integral to the performance, analytics is being increasingly harnessed to create the leadership models that are so important to enhancing returns.

By harnessing Big Data, drxDATA’s in-house team of analysts are always looking at how an edge can be gained in competitive environments.

Understanding how to unlock the potential of management teams and developing predictive leadership models, places drxDATA at the heart of supporting the private equity industry and the leadership teams to achieve their goals.


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